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Why is it important? 

Gutter maintenance is important for several reasons, protecting the structural integrity of the building and landscape or preventing pests, water damage, mould, and mildew. It also can help you save money when it comes to repairs whilst making properties more attractive and appealing. As a leading provider for commercial property maintenance services, we at GWD Contractors want to ensure your commercial property is safe and protected from these issues.  

Structural integrity of the building 

Regular gutter cleaning can help ensure that water is directed away from the building through the proper drainage channels, preventing water damage to the foundation, leaks in the roof and walls, and basement flooding from any water damage. Water damage can harm the structural integrity in numerous ways, rotting of wood, rusting of metal components, weakened foundations, damage the load bearing walls and mould growth.  

Saving money on repairs 

If you keep your gutters and downspouts in good condition and regularly cleaned the amount you may need to spend on repairs should lower and could prevent expensive issues from occurring in the first place.  

Preventing pests 

Gutter cleaning is an important step to not only to stop leaves and debris from gathering but also pests like rodents and insects. They will nest and breed in there making it their home. Cleaning them will prevent and protect your gutter and building from damage.  

Avoiding mould and mildew 

Another reason why gutter cleaning is required regularly is due to mould and mildew. Gutters are the first line of protection for your property when it comes to inclement weather; they are there to keep the unwanted things out of your building. Regular cleaning will help your identify mould early before it becomes a bigger problem. 

Protecting the landscape  

Gutter cleaning can help prevent blockages in downspouts and gutters which would then cause an overflow of water and damage the landscape. It can also help protect the landscaping by preventing water from pooling around the foundation of the building which can then cause the soil to erode, weaken and settle damaging the landscape and potentially the foundation of the building. 

Preparing for bad weather  

Gutter maintenance ensures you are prepared for any bad weather, heavy rainfall or snowfall can cause water to overflow which potentially can lead to water damage in the roof, walls, and foundation of a building. Heavy snow or ice could cause the gutters to sag or even collapse if they are clogged or filled with debris. Therefore, ensuring they are properly maintained by experienced property maintenance specialists can prevent these problems from occurring and ensure the water is directed away from the building through proper drainage channels.  

Preserve the value of your property 

Regular gutter cleaning can protect the value of commercial property by maintaining its aesthetic appeal and making it more attractive to potential buyers/clients etc.  

Peace of mind 

Knowing your gutters are regularly cleaned will give you peace and mind that the building is well maintained and protected from potential damage. When gutters are functioning properly you don’t have to worry about water damage, pests, landscaping issues and more that can be caused by clogged or malfunctioning gutters.  

How can GWD Contractors help? 

GWD Contractors have been providing commercial property maintenance services for many years, so we have extensive knowledge of what is required to keep your commercial property safe from water damage caused by clogged gutters. We also know how important it is to stay on top of your gutter maintenance so there are no surprises along the way. So whether you have an industrial, office, leisure, education or even healthcare premises, please do get in touch to discuss your gutter maintenance needs.

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