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Tool Room Construction, Croydon


Our client has occupied these commercial premises for a number of years and as their business needs have changed, they have needed to make alterations to their industrial building to accommodate them. In this case our client needed to adapt some existing excess office space to accommodate a new tool room.


The office premises in situ were originally adapted from warehouse space which meant that dilapidation works were the first port of call. This involved not only carefully dismantling and disposing of the office interior and flooring coverings but also preserving the existing services supply the space.

Blockwork walls were then created to create the tool room that exists in the space today. Once constructed the walls were sprayed in white throughout and the ceiling was sprayed and sealed. A full electrical installation was completed to include lighting, mains power, emergency lighting and specialist 3-phase power supplies for machinery.

The floor was coated in commercial grade epoxy resin to create a clean, even and hard-wearing surface that would stand the test of time in this high-traffic environment. Finally, a crane will transported into the room from elsewhere in the premises and installed ready for use by the client’s technicians.


Our role in this project began at the idea stage. When our client approached us with their brief, they trusted us to come back with a proposal that not only delivered on their specific requirements but also included a carefully thought-out phase plan that considered how best to execute the project in a way that minimised disruption.

In these situations we are never shy to make recommendations that our clients might not have considered. On this occasion, for example, the use of epoxy resin flooring in this installation was recommended to ensure the floor withstands the high demands of foot traffic and machine use long into the future.  Overall, we are particularly pleased with the outcome of this commercial property renovation project. If you have a maintenance or renovation project in mind, or if you would value our advice, please do get in touch.

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June 9, 2024


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