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When you consider the many elements that are required when taking on large construction projects, it can be a daunting prospect. From building regulations and environmental impacts to logistical difficulties and security concerns, GWD Contractors have the experience necessary to deliver your project to the highest of standards. We have completed many construction and refurbishment projects in London and the South for a variety of commercial property types. We are constantly learning.

Planning for Success

As is frequently the case, we firmly believe that the success of any construction project starts with the planning phase. We ensure that we are aware of our client’s objectives and concerns as well as any factors that might hinder progress on site. This requires a series of meetings with our client and, where relevant, their designers as well as a number of site visits so that we are familiar with the conditions. With this information in mind, our team will devise a detailed phase plan in conjunction with our client to agree the best possible route forward. During this stage we will agree timelines and costings and, importantly, make suggestions to minimise cost and disruption and maximise quality of finish.

Some of the key considerations we discuss with our clients about their large construction projects:

  • What is the desired timeline? Are there any planned events that might impact progress?

  • What is the budget? How much needs to be allocated to contingency funds?

  • How will the weather impact each phase of the works and how can it be mitigated?

  • Have all regulatory requirements been considered and how do they impact the timeline?

  • Is there sufficient access to site for vehicles, plant and operatives?

  • What is the best way to share progress updates?

Meticulous Monitoring and Reporting For Client Satisfaction

Our intention is that a careful and considered planning phase means that there will be no surprises along the way. However, in reality, it is unrealistic (and foolish!) to assume that there will not be unforeseen circumstances that impact progress. For example, asbestos may be discovered that was previously unaccounted for, or perhaps an unexpected shortage of materials might cause problems. Now, we are all too familiar with curve balls and have the experience necessary to take these in our stride but always do so openly and honestly, i line with our core values.

“Honesty is our foundation. With our honest approach, you can expect straightforward communication and dependable service.”

Delays or no delays, we recognise that pro-active communication is always best. It allows you to anticipate changes to timeline and/or budget and it means that we can continue to make progress in the knowledge that our client is up to speed. Every large construction project will have a dedicated Contract Manager allocated whose responsibility it is to manage the project on-site but also to be the main point of contact with the client.

We always consult with our client on how they prefer to receive updates. Typically, we suggest frequent weekly updates in writing to deal with routine matters, such as progress to agreed deadlines and budgets. Additionally, we encourage in person meetings at least monthly to address any issues that may have arisen and agree plans of action to tackle those. It also offers an opportunity to do a deeper analysis of budget and deal with revisions as necessary.

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